The Last of us
The Last of us

At the age of 35, I started my apprenticeship in metalworking design and afterwards went on to the Academy of Design and Crafts in Munich, from where I graduated with honours in 2016. Directly after my graduation, I began designing and manufacturing jewellery out of plastic bags and foils.

Already during my training at the Academy in Munich, I was highly enthusiastic about this seemingly worthless, inconspicuous material. Despite the fact that we are accompanied by the material in our daily life, we only rarely observe it as being beautiful. It is my aim to create pieces of jewellery that do not betray any traces of their origins.

In order to achieve this, I do not dominate the material, but rather cooperate with it and include its specific characteristics in the designing process. I.e. the material is allowed to free itself from the initially imposed limits resulting from my geometrical arrangement, which creates free and strong patterns.

Every unique piece reflects the numerous and complex structures to which this collection owns its name:

vielschichtig (Engl.: multi-layered, complex).